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CCTV Installers Gloucestershire

CCTV is a great way to reduce the risk of criminal activity and to help prevent loss to property and businesses. It can act as a deterrent, help to direct staff or security to the area of your property at risk, or if the unfortunate burglary or other crime occurs at your property, the cameras can enable you to collect evidence to locate and convict the offenders involved.


Your CCTV System Requirements 

At Foxmoor Fire and Security we would discuss the requirements of your equipment carefully and recommend the best solution for you, however we always install the latest high resolution analogue cameras, HD (High Definition) cameras and IP (Internet Protocol) cameras.

Depending on your requirements, our CCTV systems can be set up to be viewed remotely from a smart phone, tablet or PC. This allows the user to view their cameras via the internet whilst away from the property anywhere in the world. It could also be linked to a remote control centre that monitors the images from the camera and can alert security or police to the location if motion is identified.

Affordable CCTV Systems

We can provide and fit affordable CCTV systems in domestic or commercial properties that don’t cost the earth. Foxmoor fire and security install CCTV systems to the highest standards within the Gloucestershire and surrounding areas.

CCTV is often seen as a expensive security solution, but nowadays this just isn’t the case.

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