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Door Access Control Installation Gloucestershire

These Door Access Control systems do exactly as their name implies – they provide controlled access to property or specific rooms within a property. This is usually for businesses, where there are requirements for only staff to be present on the premises, and are restricted to certain areas of the building. The system will therefore restrict exactly who you want to enter the building, and you will be able to monitor and restrict who has access to what buildings or rooms.


Why use door access control systems?

  • It may not be feasible to issue a high number of keys for business with a higher number of employees due to the security risk – what happens with the key when the employee is not at work?
  • There could be higher costs involved if standard keys are issued – think about having to get new locks every time an employee misplaces a key!
  • Monitoring and audit requirements can mean that access control systems are the best way to monitor employees time on premises etc
  • Door access restrictions – may be for valuable items stored in a room, sensitive data or even time controlled access such as – cleaning staff entering the building in the evenings only.


Ensure a controlled secure environment

These systems are simple for staff to use and often take the form of ID badges with a wireless or swipe card entrance, or even a keypad with individual security codes. These can also be extended to include video entry systems – which are also popular for use in the home.

Foxmoor Fire and Security will help you choose an access control system that suits your needs.

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