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Foxmoor Fire and Security Fire Alarm Installations Gloucestershire

Fire Alarm Fitters Gloucestershire

Fire detection systems are essential in protecting your property, business, family and employees. Quick and early detection of a fire will reduce the risk of threat to human life and the potential damage to your property.

Fire alarm systems detect either smoke or heat in the property and will alert the occupants via an audible alarm, Fire alarms can also be manually operated if a fire is detected by pushing a manual call point.

Our expert fire alarm fitters can advise the best fire alarm system whether it is a commercial or domestic property.

Smoke Fire Alarm Fitters Glocuestershire

The Fire Alarm Systems We Install Are:

  • Conventional fire alarm system – this was the traditional system which activated an alarm when a fire started, and although you can zone your sensors to the panel and get a general idea of where the fire is, it does not pinpoint the exact location of the fire.
  • Analogue addressable fire alarm system – Analogue addressable panels are more advanced than there conventional counterparts with greater information capacity and control flexibility, the analogue panel identifies exactly which sensor has been activated specifically.
  • Wireless fire alarm system – wireless fire alarms require no cabling between the panel and the fire devices making for a quick and tidy installation, wireless fire alarms are perfect for listed buildings or where you do not wish to damage the decor of a property.

At Foxmoor Fire and Security we will design a bespoke fire alarm system to suit your needs.

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