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Intruder Alarm Fitters Gloucestershire

At Foxmoor fire and security we design install and maintain intruder alarm systems in the Gloucestershire area for both domestic and commercial premises. We offer a comprehensive range of burglar alarm systems that are specially designed for you and your property.

An intruder alarm is the best way to secure your property from unwanted burglars, whether it’s a bells only system to a fully monitored system. Our intruder alarm systems can be set up to call you when activated or send you a text message if you’d prefer offering greater peace of mind to the user. Burglar alarm systems have become very versatile with the advancement of technology, systems can incorporate smoke and heat sensors, CO (carbon monoxide) detectors, safe protection, smoke cloak machines and the turning on or off of outside lighting

All Foxmoor Intruder Alarm Systems Offered Will Either Be Wired Or Wireless

Wired Alarm Systems

Wired arm systems are the traditional systems where a panel is installed locally, and all detection sensors are connected by wiring the system through the property back to the panel. They therefore are reliant on the electricity supply to the property, and have a battery as back-up should this supply be interrupted.

Wireless or Radio Wireless Intruder Alarm Systems

Wireless or radio wireless intruder alarm systems have become very popular due to a tidy installation with minimum fuss – there are no wires to chase into walls, or floorboards to lift. This is especially good for those properties where you are unable to drill holes – such as listed properties or historic homes.

They are often fitted fairly quickly and most domestic wireless alarm systems can be installed in a day. Our wireless alarm panels communicate constantly to the devices (see device list below) on the system to ensure reliability and safety from potential tampering.

The panel also monitors battery levels in the devices alerting the user if levels start to drop low. Radio wireless panels can be fitted with diallers to alert the user via phone call or text message when the system has been activated. The dialler can also be set up to warn users of fire alarm and panic alarm activations.

Intruder Alarms Fitters Gloucestershire

Wireless Radio Devices Available:

  • Door contacts
  • Passive infra red sensors
  • Pet friendly passive infra red sensors
  • Wireless panic buttons
  • Wireless key fobs setting/unsettling
  • Smoke/ heat sensors/ co sensors
  • Wireless sirens

Our radio wireless intruder alarm systems can be installed in domestic or commercial properties.

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