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Alarm Service and Maintenance

Foxmoor Fire and Security can service and maintain intruder alarm systems, fire alarm systems, CCTV systems and access control systems. At Foxmoor Fire and Security we pride ourselves on our servicing skills, making sure we spend the time to check all panels and system devices thoroughly.

Regular maintenance of security systems is highly recommended to make sure that it continues to works at it optimum level. Systems that are not regularly serviced can cause un-wanted stress to the user, failing batteries and sensors being a common fault, but having your system serviced will be able to highlight these issues early before they become a problem.

Ask yourself if you would overlook getting your car serviced, or boiler – a security system is exactly the same.


What does an alarm service entail?

Foxmoor Fire and Security will arrange a convenient time to check your system fully to ensure all components are working and will respond as expected. The engineer will spend time to ensure all programming is correct to suit your property.

Hopefully any faults detected can be corrected/repaired whilst onsite and during the service. If the test indicates a component of the system is not working as it should, Foxmoor Fire and Security will be able to recommend if any further action is required. A service means peace of mind that your system will respond when it needs to and will minimise the risk of false alarms.

Foxmoor Fire and Security can provide regular scheduled service visit – usually annual is enough, or if you prefer, we can look to a one off visit if required. We can even service systems originally installed by other companies. So why not give us a call or send us a email to find out about our excellent service prices.


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Regular maintenance is highly  recommended to maintain optimum performance

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